Environment and Energy

Building a better tomorrow for all

A step towards clean power, energy efficiency, and a pollution-free environment.

In India, still, various villages remain without electricity and a considerate amount of its population don’t have access to clean cooking fuels or stoves. Trident Foundation is putting all its endeavours to bridge the gap through the provision of energy and solar grid electricity support model. Moreover, Trident Foundation aims to identify schools that have electricity problems and provide them electricity through solar energy.

Tree Plantation

The adverse effects of global warming and climate change are innumerable. Trident Foundation is working on the same by planting thousands of saplings in surrounding areas. Nonetheless, Trident Foundation is also planning on a unique initiative of mass tree plantation at various villages. To regularise the same, Trident Foundation will have a month-wise plan to organise tree plantation campaigns in schools of rural villages. These plantation drives will help in promoting a greener and cleaner environment.


Not losing sight of the fact of scarcity of water and extreme heat during summers, creating awareness is a must. Team of Trident Foundation actively participates in creating awareness and taking initiatives on hygiene, clean water and sanitation, social equality, cultural equality, and use of solar products amongst the underprivileged. For better delivery of our initiative to the other end, we are also planning for nukkad nataks and role-plays. Trident Foundation has been constantly working on maintaining the clarity of the Narmada River by ensuring periodical checks.

With the mentioned objectives, Trident Foundation is aiming to keep the surrounding areas clean. Also, encouraging people to plant more trees and avoid the use of plastic. Apart from this, Trident Foundation is planning to set up few projects in rural areas like Bio Gas Plant, Solar Grid Installations, Solar Plant and more to benefit the local people.


Small contributions go a long way

Climate Change - Let your actions do the talking

We are the first Generation to feel the effects of Climate Change, and probably the last generation that can do anything to counter its impact. 

On the Occasion of #AkshayUrjaDiwas, we at #TheTridentFoundation appeal to one and all to join our fight against #GlobalWarming and protect this planet by playing your part in accelerating the transition to #RenewableEnergy.

In order to further step up our efforts towards achieving a Greener Planet, our Horticulture team donated 200+ Saplings to Panchayat and Young Sports Club of Village Fatehgarh Chhanna, Punjab. 

Flood Relief Operations

Flood relief operations can take many forms that include establishing facilities, providing temporary accommodation, providing health and Medical care. During the ongoing heavy monsoon showers in many regions of MP, Locals in the vicinity of our Budhni Campus were struggling to drain accumulated water from several streets and Villages. 


In order to rescue Patalkho Village from recent Rain Floods, Our Volunteers created a Collection Pit in emergency and made holes in our Boundary walls to take in the overflowing water in an attempt to restore public facilities and houses of affected areas. Trident Foundation and its team of Rescue squad shall keep extending helping hands to the needy in this tough hour, hence ensuring safety and well-being of our community. 

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Cleanliness Drive

Plantation Drive

Fabric Bag Distribution

One of the most impactful steps we can take as individuals are to reduce our use of Single plastics and substituting disposable bags with reusable cloth bags. Fabric bags because of their reusable nature, help reduce the amount of Single-use Plastic being used and inadvertently discarded into the environment. They are economical, more sustainable, and might just give you the peace of mind that you are preventing plastic pollution with every use. 
We At Trident Foundation has pledged to contribute our bit and started distribution of reusable Fabric Bags among the local community. More than 300 households of Village Mahukala were provided with these bags and a message was sent across the rural population to boycott the usage of single use plastic and be environmentally conscious.

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