Ensuring inclusive access to quality healthcare for all – especially the vulnerable

Health is a global agenda and cannot be overlooked

With our honest commitment to serving society, it becomes imperative for us to climb upstairs and cater to the target cluster. The right to health is vital for the enjoyment of various other human rights. Physiological condition plays an integral role in human capacities and well-being. Since health is a primary right, the notion of health for everyone comes in without a second thought. 

Trident Foundation meticulously believes in healthcare for all as it does not solely focus on human resource development but also on the well-being of our future generations. Keeping this in mind we aim to prioritise preventive healthcare. We’ll be creating health awareness, promoting safe drinking water, sanitation, and refining the delivery of public health systems.


Every step matters.

Blood Donation Camp (Budhni)

Glimpse of National Doctor's Day

Blood Donation Camp (Dhaula)

Dental Camp (Sanghera)

While embarking upon the quest of building a healthy Bharat, we, at Trident Foundation, are relentlessly working to make healthcare facilities accessible to all and ensure the well-being of every Indian. With an ambition of promoting dental well-being, we organised a dental camp at Sanghera where dental professionals performed a full dental check-up of the masses. Further, we imparted education on dental issues, oral hygiene, treatments etc. 

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