About Trident Foundation

A small step can make a big difference. That’s what we do at Trident Foundation.

Our organisation focuses on enhancing the dignity and wellbeing of socially and economically vulnerable people. We work towards empowering the local community through improved education, proper healthcare, livelihood opportunities, women empowerment, and support for the specially-abled populace.

Presently, under Education and Skill Development we are focusing on starting the education of both adults and girls. This is taking place in the identified locations of villages within a radius of 150Kms.

Our Vision

To build a better world based on humanitarian values and principles.

OUR mission

To create a positive impact on society through thoughtful intervention programmes and serve with love, care and compassion.

At Trident Foundation,
we strive to make the world a better place.
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Chairperson's message

Prospering together globally with an empathetic heart

“Embracing Honesty, Integrity, and Continuous improvement as the core values, our Chairperson, Mrs. Madhu Gupta, has set an example of a true leader who is driven by empathy and empowerment. Her vision of prospering together globally, intricately promotes an idea of an innovative and a better world, where people come forward with the great and noble idea of serving and nurturing communities, fulfilling lives' purpose, and helping people out of their problems. While service is the most joyous and fulfilling task in the world to her, bringing happiness into people’s lives and impacting the community positively is what she believes to be her life's actual purpose.”

Our Journey

How we started

We, at Trident, are committed to fulfil our responsibility towards the community.

“We, at Trident have always been fully committed to fulfil our responsibility towards the society. Our operations have always come with a commitment to bring a difference, act ethically, and serve the society at large. At Trident, we have always lived up to our vision and values and have never left any stone unturned to extend our support to the ones in need. Trident has significantly contributed and made measurable progress toward its vision of adding value to lives.


But we believe that we have a long way to go when it comes to serving the society we take so much from. With the intent to expand our horizons and our reach, we launched our own non-profit organization, the TRIDENT FOUNDATION on 24th MAY 2021. Our primary aim is to work towards the socio-economic well-being of our community, especially the marginalised members by building on to the capabilities they already possess. In our missions, we are aligned with the UN’s 17 inter-linked sustainable global goals acting as our blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

Meet Our Agents Of Change

We are proud to have a talented, diversified, and collaborative team, always working towards exploring new and sustainable solutions for the betterment of society.

Awards & Accolades

Winning hearts and applause

“Honoured with a coveted award of Best CSR Policy-Madhuban hospital
Ensuring primary and secondary healthcare by Madhya Pradesh manufacturing brand & product leadership awards”